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Explore the links on this page to see what City Lights booksellers have been enjoying lately, as well as a few of our old favorites. Please note: some of our selections may show hardcover editions for titles that are now available in paperback; check with us on older publications that might be available in paperback and/or as a used book currently on our shelves.

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City Lights Bookseller Favorites

Chris Wilcox

Arley Shephard

Arley Shephard

Eon Alden


Jackie Palmer




Shopcats: Cedric and Rowena

Cedric the Shop Cat




Booksellers Emeritus

Joyce Moore

Joyce Moore

Jessica Philyaw

Jessica Philyaw


Allen Moore

   Allen Moore



Peggy Spilker 


Margaret Spilker 


Jenifer Ross 

Cole Sutton

Joy Robin Whitley

Robin Whitley


Emily Wilson

Abbey Marsh

Michael Redman

Rachel Cox

Cody McCall

Drew Stinnett

Marybeth Druzbik

Madeline Forwerck

Andrew Berenfeld

Jenn Harr

Vanessa Grant

Adam Gelbaugh

Paul Hammer

Megan Hokanson

Margot Wilcox

Linda Young

Curtis Wood

Gabe Wood

James Stewart-Payne

Susan Harris

Phoebe Juel

Jack Betkowski

Gene Smith

Jackie Palmer

Bill Petrie

Cathy Arps

Dawn Rooks-Weir

Thomas Rain-Crowe

Gary Carden

Claire Marsh Alan Kines Austin Coburn
Sara Day Hatton Sallie Hinkle Ruth Anne Brown
  Great Shop Cats of Yore  


 Rowena birdwatching  


Miss Kitty's picks

Miss Kitty

Phoebe, Chris, Allen, and Joyce love the novels of Patrick O'Brian


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