A Sad Day at City Lights

The extended bookstore family is grieving the loss of a very dear friend.  Our beloved shop cat Charlie died suddenly this afternoon (1/7/2011).  He was a young and apparently healthy cat and had been his usual friendly self all day.  He had just ambled over to a favorite napping spot, when he cried out and stopped breathing.  While we chose not to take him to Asheville for necropsy, we can only assume that some congenital weakness gave out, and thus ended his all too short tenure as an exceptional bookstore cat.

Just a little over a year ago a customer, who had recently adopted Charlie from ARF, suggested we give him a crack as bookstore cat, a position vacant since Miss Kitty’s passing in April 2008.  We considered his name to be auspicious, since the bookstore took it's name from from the Charlie Chaplin movie.   It took about ten minutes for Charlie to start acting like he owned the place; he was a very self-assured kitty.  Visiting children (even energetic three year olds) and dogs didn’t faze him… he gave every creature a chance. He napped, ate and played with the best of them. We will miss him very much.

Charlie the Cat

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