Whimzik: Between Shifts DVD

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Whimzik: Between Shifts DVD  Whimzik: Between Shifts is the captivating collaboration between two innovative performance artists: dancer and mask-maker Kjelsty Hanson and music-maker Glenn Kastrinos. Kjelsty dons a series of elaborate and fantastic hand-made masks, and is accompanied by Glenn on flute and mandolin, they created a magical world of exotic birds, pensive turtles, and mystical creatures of every sort. Through dance, music and performance, Whimzik creates a beautiful and haunting connection to the natural and magical world around us.

The bonus features include a behind-the-scenes tutorial on the unique top-of-head mask making.  Kjelsty provides step-by-step instructions to make character-based masks, including clay modeling, her paper mache technique, and painting strategies.

"Kjelsty and Glenn are creating a living, fluid art form." - Quintin Ellison (Smoky Mountain News)

Whimzik: Between Shifts DVD
Price: $20.00

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