The Outlaw Lewis Redmond documentary, also includes The Prince of Dark Corners


Milton Higgins as Lewis Redmond 

Called An American Robin Hood and The Jesse James of the Mountains, 'Major' Lewis Redmond was the most famous outlaw in the United States. The DVD includes the documentary plus The Prince of Dark CornersGary Carden's acclaimed play on the life of Lewis Redmond, plus commentary and other bonus features. 

At the time of his capture in 1881, Lewis Redmond was the most famous outlaw in the country, outshining contemporaries Billy-The-Kid and Jesse James. To the people of Southern Appalachia he was an American Robin Hood, fighting revenuers and bootlegging ‘moonshine’ to pay their taxes and save their land in the lean and hopeless years of Reconstruction. Northern journalists depicted him as a degenerate, cold-blooded murderer, even as Southern Appalachia celebrated him as a hero. Gary Carden's masterful play sheds light on a time and place in American history that has long been shrouded in mystery.  This production stars Milton Higgins.


The Outlaw Lewis Redmond run time is about 30 min. Total run time for both features: 125 MIN.


Outlaw Lewis Redmond / Prince of Dark Corners DVD
Price: $20.00

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