My Mountain Granny: The Story of Evelyn Howell Beck in the Mountain Town of Whittier, North Carolina

SKU: 9780982409923
The story of a mountain woman from Whittier, NC, who told her life history to a college student and changed his view forever of the value and wisdom of mountain people.  He says: "Evelyn Howell Beck was one of the finest human beings one could ever meet. She allowed a young college student into her home and treated me like family.  I learned lessons that could never be taught in a classroom. There were no layers to be peeled away when meeting her.  She was a hardworking woman who lived her life by the light of faith and love of family.  I am thankful to her for memories of our friendship. She had a story to tell and my job was to write it down. It is my hope that you will enjoy her story as much as I have enjoyed writing it."
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