Nothing to Hide. Young Men from Slovakia (Hardcover)

Nothing to Hide. Young Men from Slovakia By Phil Dlab (Photographer) Cover Image
By Phil Dlab (Photographer)
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Natural, unstaged and beautifully unpolished: this is what makes the photography of Phil Dlab something special. Born in Slovakia and raised in Canada, Dlab returned to the country of his birth and made its young men the focus of his photography. His pictures capture the essence of masculinity at its purest and most authentic. Dlab's models are athletic but not glamorous, appealing but not pretentious. His photos are full of sunlight and candor and invite us to see not just beautiful bodies, but men who are open and fearless enough to show them. Phil Dlab's d but photo book, with 150 photos in color as well as in black and white, brings men to life who truly have "Nothing to Hide.

Product Details
ISBN: 9783959856232
ISBN-10: 3959856237
Publisher: Salzgeber
Publication Date: August 17th, 2021
Pages: 176
Language: English

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