Soy & Beeswax Candle Making Handbook: How to Start a Homebased Profitable Candle Making Business (Paperback)

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Soy & Beeswax Candle Making Handbook
How to Start a Homebased Profitable Candle Making Business

According to the National Candle Association U.S. retail sales of candles are estimated at approximately $3.2 billion dollars per year and growing.

If you are a candle lover, then you already know that not all candles are created equal right?

The question is why not, well, because most commercially made candles are full of paraffin, a petroleum byproduct that is cheap to use and harmful to you and your family. Not to mention they don't give you the long-lasting aroma that some better quality candles provide.

I have been making and selling candles for little over two decades now, and I can assure you it is not a hard craft to master. It is one of the simpler home craft that anyone can try and see great success. But more importantly, you will be able to enjoy the goodness of a real soy or beeswax candle that is aromatic and good for you and your whole family.

But what if you can make much better quality candles right at home and at a fraction of the cost? What if I tell you it can be done in just few hour? Lastly what if I tell you, you can sell some of your creation and make a nice income from it right from home?

Could you use a little bit (or maybe a LOT) of extra cash each month? And wouldn't it be great to be able to earn that extra cash without having to get another job. Wouldn't it be great if you could earn this extra cash on YOUR terms.

In this book, I will show you how you can do just that.

If I was able to peak your interest, then let me say this, it is very doable, and NO it does not take any extra or special skill set. Once you know the basics, you can then start getting creative and add your own touch, scent, and color and make something so unique that just by looking at it, everyone will know it is your creation.

Okay now, let me give you a quick glimpse of what you will learn in this book so you can decide for yourself.

In Part- 1

  • What are Soy & Beeswax Candles
  • 9 Popular Types of Candles & Their Description
  • 4 Varieties of Beeswax
  • Where to Find & Buy Beeswax
  • Why Use Soy Wax, Where to Find Soy Wax to Buy
  • What & How to Choose the Right Type of Wicks For Your Candle Project
  • How to Add Scent (Essential Oils) To Your Candles for Beautiful Aroma
  • How to Add Color & Other Additives
  • Where to Purchase Essential Oils, Color & Other Additives
  • What Candle Making Equipment, You Will Need
  • What & How to Practice Safety When Making Candles
  • 7 Must Follow Safety Tips
  • Safe Cleanup Process
  • Candle Making Process & Techniques
  • 6 Tips for Successfully Using Beeswax
  • 5 Most Popular Beeswax Recipes with Detail Step By Step Instructions
  • Tips & Tricks for Using Soy Wax for Candles
  • Soy Candle Making Recipe with Detail Step By Step Instructions

In Part - 2

  • 3 Big Reasons to Start a Candle Making Business
  • Is It A Business Or A Hobby?
  • The Legal Side of Starting Your Business
  • How & What Legal Entity Should You Choose
  • Business License, Permits & Zoning
  • Keeping Records
  • Bank Account & Credit Cards
  • Business Cards, Websites, Social Media
  • How to Create a Label, Product Description & Catalog For Cheap
  • Promoting and Selling Your Candles
  • How to Sell Online & Offline Locally
  • Marketing and Branding Your Candles
  • 4 Must Try Marketing Ideas


  • Appendix- Actual Articles of Incorporation
  • Appendix - A Complete Business Plan For Candle Business
  • Appendix - A Sample Customer Invoice

About the Author

Rebecca Hall is a homemaker and a successful homebased business owner. She has been making candles for little over 20 years. Her candles have been featured in many arts and craft shows and local art magazines around greater Atlanta many times. She enjoys making candles that are simple, decorative, aromatic and most importantly relatively cheaper to produce. She teaches candle making in her spare time is local churches and schools.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781975695217
ISBN-10: 1975695216
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 22nd, 2017
Pages: 174
Language: English

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