The Positivity Tribe in the Locker Room (Paperback)

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Discover The "Positive Mental Advantage" Join us for another winning addition of The Positivity Tribe series. In this follow-up to the bestselling book, Westchester State brings us into their locker room as they evaluate their team's culture. Just like a college basketball season, life is packed with adversity. Authors Christopher J. Wirth and Fred Quartlebaum have found that the most successful teams, schools, and organizations embody the concept of "WE Is Greater Than Me."

While this book is about sports, it is also a metaphor for life.

The Positivity Tribe in the Locker Room highlights the value of focusing on the details, and how small wins lead to huge victories. Sometimes a positivity note, a smile, encouraging words or letting someone know that you care makes all the difference. We welcome you on this journey to uncover the importance of your team's CULTURE. We fully believe in the mission and message of "WE Rise By Lifting Others Up," and we believe you will as well. Individually we are strong, but together we are Unstoppable

Product Details
ISBN: 9781956353006
ISBN-10: 1956353003
Publisher: Motivation Champs
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2021
Pages: 116
Language: English

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