Trout Tactics: A Comprehensive Guide For The Conventional Tackle Angler (Paperback)

Trout Tactics: A Comprehensive Guide For The Conventional Tackle Angler Cover Image
By Greg Bilbo (Illustrator), Cal Kellogg
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Trout Tactics: A Comprehensive Guide For The Conventional Tackle Angler, is THE guide western and all trout anglers have been looking for. With apologies to our fly fishing brethren, who gasp at the notion of catching a trout with an earthworm, the number of anglers who use hardware or bait to catch trout is staggering compared to those ho wield wispy rods to toss microscopic flies. ***** And yet so very few books are written for those who prefer spinners, hard plastics and bait to size 22 caddis imitations, or deep water trolls instead of woolly worms and floating fly lines. What makes this book different is that it contains "how to" information for those who put results ahead of form. ***** There must be at least 1,000 ways to catch a trout, and yet so few of us possess the know-how to switch tactics as we go from high mountain waters to major rivers to deep-water reservoirs to small creeks. From the beginning trout angler to the veteran whose practiced eye can spot a fish behind a rock forty yards away, Cal Kellogg takes you through just about every setup and every rig used by conventional tackle anglers today. You will learn different applications and variations to tactics that can and will make you a better trout angler. If you dream of catching more and bigger trout, this is the book for you.

About the Author

Cal Kellogg and his wife Gena live in California. Cal's parents began taking him trout fishing at an early age and he became addicted. He still remembers his first big trout at 6 years old. Cal turned his love for fishing into a lifetime of business and pleasure. He honed his skills and became a terrific outdoor writer. He has the ability to analyze a situation and ferret out the keys to success and failure. He is currently working with and has written many well received articles on the outdoors, especially trout fishing. He has fished mostly on the West Coast since the 70's and during that time has covered trout fishing with some of the finest guides available. He wrote "The Trout Fishing Handbook" which was a big hit nationwide, because these "tactics" are universal and work anywhere trout are available. Trout Tactics is a complete overhaul of that book and has a lot of new information. During his life as a trout expert, Cal has collected some amazing photos that can be viewed at Locate the Trout Tactics Photo link at the bottom. He respects his peers that love to fish for bass, crappie and catfish, and surprisingly, many of his tactics will work for those species too, but c'mon now . . .Trout anglers rule!

Product Details
ISBN: 9781937355098
ISBN-10: 1937355098
Publisher: Big Mac Publishers
Publication Date: December 13th, 2013
Pages: 242
Language: English

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