No Family Is Perfect: A Guide to Embracing the Messy Reality (Paperback)

No Family Is Perfect: A Guide to Embracing the Messy Reality By Lucy Blake Cover Image
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'A wonderfully optimistic and original book ... No doubt it will be extremely reassuring for readers and everyone will find some nuggets that are helpful to them' Professor Susan Golombok

'Helpful to anyone interested in learning more about their own families. I highly recommend it' Dr Joshua Coleman

Family researcher Lucy Blake pulls apart our expectations about family and shows us how to embrace the messy, beautiful reality.

What makes a good parent?

Can sibling relationships survive to adulthood?

Should love within a family really be unconditional?

Wherever, whenever and however you learnt about family, it's likely that you have unshakeable answers to these questions. In this revelatory new book, family researcher Lucy Blake shows that, whatever your assumptions are, they are almost certainly wrong and probably doing damage to your closest relationships.

Blake looks at how the expectations we have affect and even hinder our interactions with parents, siblings, relatives and our children. Drawing on her experience of interviewing hundreds of family members - of all backgrounds - she explores these unrealistic ideas, exposes the truth of what a family really is and explains how we can better understand and appreciate the one we have.

No Family Is Perfect is a fascinating examination of the messy and beautiful reality of family life, and a look at how we can change our beliefs about family for the better and maybe even enjoy Christmas.

"Provides a fresh context for exploring issues that engage us throughout our lives ... No Family is Perfect will change how we think and write about families."
Terri Apter, author of Difficult Mothers and The Sister Knot

Product Details
ISBN: 9781787396814
ISBN-10: 1787396819
Publisher: Welbeck Publishing
Publication Date: January 11th, 2022
Pages: 272
Language: English

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