After the Breakup: A Self-Love Workbook: A Compassionate Roadmap to Getting Over Your Ex (Paperback)

After the Breakup: A Self-Love Workbook: A Compassionate Roadmap to Getting Over Your Ex By Tamara Thompson, LMFT Cover Image
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Find comfort and hope after a breakup with guided exercises in self-love

Picking up the pieces after a breakup can be difficult—but moving on is possible with a little self-love! This write-in workbook will help you process your feelings, develop healthier habits and patterns, and make yourself a priority as you move forward with confidence.
  • Discover the meaning of self-love—Redefine what it means to feel complete by showing up for yourself with love and compassion.
  • Begin to heal—Explore the root causes of your emotions with insightful prompts, practices, and exercises like role-play and visualization.
  • Relatable stories—Get Inspired by real-life stories of others that have endured breakups and found happiness and healing through self-love.
  • A supportive companion workbook—This book expands on the popular After the Breakup: A Self-Love Journal. Use both books together to get the full self-love experience!

Build a better relationship with yourself with this uplifting breakup book.

About the Author

TAMARA THOMPSON, LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in New York City where she sees clients, holds workshops, paints, and writes a popular blog. She graduated with honors from Iona College and is a Clinical Fellow of the AAMFT.

Praise For…

"Starting a self-healing practice can be a daunting journey, especially when a person is in a dense space and lacks the knowledge of where to begin. This workbook begins with compassionate guidance and pragmatic information that can allow a person to feel understood without feeling overwhelmed. The second part of the workbook includes a multitude of exercises that give voice to that feeling. What makes this workbook unique is the various tools and techniques that are thought-provoking, sensible, and intentional. For someone who is a novice to self-healing techniques, these tools can be the seed planted to the understanding that self-love heals all wounds. As a clinical social worker, I would strongly suggest this book to my clients as it is a relatable experience for anyone struggling with the healing process." —Laura Lee Figueroa, LCSW

"Tamara writes, "it's impossible to capture all that love encompasses," and it is so true! As the founding director and therapist of Growth and Transitions Counseling, I recognize that the pain of breakups is hard for most but it's also true how much we desire love and to be loved. After the Breakup is a well-written support guide through the healing process of a breakup and the renewing of ourselves to get ready for relationships again. I love the mindfulness exercises that guide deeper explorations of the self and give practical tools to aid in the healing process." —Adiasha Richards, LMHC

"Where was this book when I had to walk through my journey of getting over my ex? I spent so much of my earlier 30's walking on this journey to self-love alone. Tamara Thompson was able to capture every emotion of my journey in this book, and the activities to help get through were the icing on the cake. This book is a necessary tool in speeding up the journey to healing by supporting those transitioning out of a relationship to help manage their emotions without losing themselves. Rather, you are learning to love yourself on a greater level. I am a social work supervisor in the child welfare system and oftentimes our clients face separation impacting the family dynamic. The knowledge and reflective activities shared in this book are applicable to all families of all ages. The tools range from mindfulness with meditation and breath-work to songwriting, word searches, and crosswords! The techniques are insightful, creative, engaging, and supportive. You will learn more about yourself and how you show up in relationships after completing this workbook. Whether you decide to use this book to find your own personal healing or to support the journey of others, you will not be disappointed by the results." —Jessica Farrell, Mental Health Counselor, Referral Consultant Supervisor

Product Details
ISBN: 9781685397371
ISBN-10: 1685397379
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: January 10th, 2023
Pages: 178
Language: English

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