The Wish (Paperback)

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When bestest friends, Emily and Ally, find a pretty pink box with a beautiful key up in the attic, they are filled with excitement and joy. They soon discover that there is a letter from the girls who had the pink box before them and that they will visit many magical lands and meet many glitzery new friends that will live on in them forever and ever. Dahlia, the red dragonfly, will be with them on all of their adventures where they will encounter new friends like Penelope, the purple dragon who learns that everyone has a different fire to share with the world, and Brookie, the sweetest caterpillar who makes everyone feel beautiful and strong and who learns that change can be the most awesome thing in the world. Each adventure is packed with excitement and shows that you are the most awesome you and that we can and will all be Beautiful, Smart, Courageous, Daring, and Strong. Learn how to forgive people and have Friendships that will last forever and ever. Friendships that will always be like Family.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781644680278
ISBN-10: 1644680270
Publisher: Covenant Books
Publication Date: September 22nd, 2020
Pages: 28
Language: English

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