Life and Her Children (Paperback)

Life and Her Children By Arabella B. Buckley Cover Image
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An engaging introduction to the invertebrates, beginning with the simple amoeb and concluding with the complex centipedes, spiders, and six-legged insects. In between the reader encounters a number of groups of animals of increasing complexity, beginning with the living sponge, the traveling jelly-fish, and the wondrous coral-builders, then passing on to the star-fish, sea-urchins, and sea-cucumbers. Next come mussels and snails, cuttle-fish and oysters, followed by creeping worms, and arriving at last at the joint-legged division including crabs that live in the water, as well as the aforementioned centipedes, spiders, and insects that breathe only in the air, which comprise more than four-fifths of the living beings on our globe. All creatures are described in such a way as to arouse an abiding interest in them and their behavior. Dozens of labeled ink drawings suitable for copying into notebooks are included, encouraging close attention to details.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781633341715
ISBN-10: 1633341712
Publisher: Yesterday's Classics
Publication Date: March 31st, 2022
Pages: 326
Language: English

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