The Family Link to Education: The Road to Personal and Professional Success (Hardcover)

The Family Link to Education: The Road to Personal and Professional Success By Rex A. Holiday, Steve Sonntag Cover Image
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The Family Link to Education: The Road to Personal and Professional Success is a source of information that is current and relevant for families, educators and communities that want to provide the best possible opportunities for the up and coming generations. Beginning with the family, the book gets right at the root of how the future leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators of our local, national and worldwide communities are molded by early childhood influences. The book offers many suggestions to those who (by right or circumstance) have dibs on the earliest intellectual development of children. After digging down into the family perspective of education, the book transitions to a more subject matter expert perspective on education and the educator's view of education. The student is the focus of the second part of the book, and finally, there is a reiteration of an inescapable fact; families in their various kinds, sizes and formats are the foundations upon which our communities are built.

About the Author

Dr. Rex Allen Holiday earned his doctorate in educational leadership with an emphasis in e-learning, and his professional interests are STEM research, curriculum development, instructional design, critical thinking theory, and quantitative reasoning. He is a reviewer, an editor and a referee for several education research journals, a National Science Foundation review panelist, and a former school board trustee. Steve Sonntag, MA, has been a mentor teacher, his district's high school teacher of the year, a language chairperson, a tutor, a workshop presenter, a participant in high school accreditations, and an author during the past 48 years. He emphasizes insight, hope, and inspiration to students, families, and teachers.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781475845167
ISBN-10: 1475845162
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Publication Date: December 13th, 2018
Pages: 144
Language: English

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