Anne of Windy Poplars (Anne of Green Gables #4) (Paperback)

Anne of Windy Poplars (Anne of Green Gables #4) By L. M. Montgomery Cover Image
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This charming novel is the fourth book in the Anne of Green Gables series. 22 years old and away from home, the much-loved Anne Shirley has to find her own way in the world once more as she begins a new job in Windy Poplars.

Beginning a new phase of her life, Anne has finally left the Cuthbert's farm. Filled with romance and charming moral tales, the story is mostly told through the letters that Anne exchanges with her fianc , Gilbert Blythe. The couple try to maintain their relationship while Gilbert begins medical school and Anne embarks on a new path as the principal of Summerside High School in Windy Poplars.

Anne lodges in the cosy tower room of an old house, Windy Willows, belonging to Aunt Kate and Aunt Chatty. Soon she makes fast friends with the women and their boisterous housekeeper, Rebecca Dew. But despite these new friends, Anne struggles to find her feet in the town. The 'royal family' of Summerside, the Pringles, keep a watchful eye on the new principal and make it very clear that she's not their first choice for the job.

Will Anne be able to win the Pringles over? Can she and Gilbert keep their spark alive?

Read & Co. Children's has proudly republished this beautiful edition of Anne of Windy Poplars, now featuring an introductory author biography. This classic novel is not to be missed by lovers of Anne of Green Gables and those who wish to revisit their childhood as Anne commences the next stage of her life.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781473316836
ISBN-10: 1473316839
Publisher: Read & Co. Children's
Publication Date: June 4th, 2014
Pages: 258
Language: English
Series: Anne of Green Gables

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