Mystery of the Trees: Native American Markers of a Cultural Way of Life That Soon May Be Gone (Paperback)

Mystery of the Trees: Native American Markers of a Cultural Way of Life That Soon May Be Gone Cover Image
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This book covers six years of work in documenting a part of the cultural heritage of the American Indians that is rapidly disappearing. In the early 1900’s, some information on the trees was published, but then it languished in archives. The subject remained below the radar for years. Now, through interviews with tribal elders and extensive research, this book tells the story.

The Indian Trail Trees are sacred to the Native Americans and their preservation is very importance. Although many of these trees can live to be 300 to 600 years old, some are near the end of their lives. Others, unfortunately, have been destroyed by urban development or vandals. The meanings of these trees are not completely known. They may never be known since those who know are all but gone. Some of these trees are found marking old Indian Trails. Others point to water, shelter, stream crossings and more. The techniques for bending a tree into a particular shape have, for the most part, been lost. However, these “living artifacts” are a testimony to the skills and knowledge of the Indian people in their being one with nature. - Full-color illustrations

Praise For…

Diane M. GA: “You have given a voice to the trees, answering questions that I have always had about them and giving recognition to the resourcefulness of our Native Americans.”

Dave P. GA “What can I say. A masterpiece.”

Linda H., KS: “Thanks, Don & Diane for a wonderful book …. Very well done!”

Bob G. AR “I purchased two of the “Mystery of the Trees” books, one for myself and my Granddaughter, and I have found the book to be very well written, interesting, and informative and it is helping me understand some of the Arkansas Indian history, not taught is schools, and what to look for when I am in the woods. A very good book and a must read.”

Product Details
ISBN: 9781450781749
Publisher: Mountain Stewards Publishing
Publication Date: December 20th, 2011
Pages: 218

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