Family Tree Factbook: Key genealogy tips and stats for the busy researcher (Paperback)

Family Tree Factbook: Key genealogy tips and stats for the busy researcher By Diane Haddad, Family Tree Editors Cover Image
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Discover your roots!

The answers to all your genealogy questions in one place! This convenient, timesaving collection of genealogy hacks gathers the best resources, tips, lists, and need-to-know facts from the experts at Family Tree Magazine. Inside, you'll find fast facts about a variety of family history topics, such as important dates in US history, the different kinds of DNA tests, and how to use the best genealogy websites.

Inside, you'll find:

   • Key genealogy lists and statistics: common genealogy abbreviations and acronyms, a glossary of genetic genealogy terms, genealogy pitfalls to avoid, and more
   • Strategies for tracking your ancestors in important documents (including census records, passenger lists, and military records) and performing important genealogical tasks (such as searching
   • A size perfect for carrying with you wherever your research may lead

Product Details
ISBN: 9781440354656
ISBN-10: 1440354650
Publisher: Family Tree Books
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2018
Pages: 224
Language: English

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