The Secret Meaning of Names Revised Edition (Paperback)

The Secret Meaning of Names Revised Edition By Pierre Le Rouzic, N. Rodney Charles, 1st World Publishing (Created by) Cover Image
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Pierre Le Rouzic's The Name Book, intrigues its audience with a stunningly accurate description of their characters based solely on the name they bear. Containing over 9,000 names, this volume is a priceless encyclopedia of wisdom - a name book that has passed the test of time. This book is fun An international bestseller with over 3 million copies sold outside the USA, it provides an accurate analysis of our personality based solely on the name we bare. Index includes over 9,000 names - described in 80 chapters. 85 graphic illustrations (called name portraits) convey the message in a glance. An invaluable resource for new parents or people wanting to change their name. Opening chapters explain why our names, culture, magnify, or restrict aspects of our personalities Provides guidelines for choosing correct names for new born babies or name changes. "A name is a reservoir of energy, and this makes good sense" The constant repetition of the syllables of our names, "this harmony," ends up having a significant influence on the development of our personalities. Names contain secret vibrations we are unaware of, yet which exist nonetheless-just as we are unaware of the sound from an ultrasonic whistle that a dog hears perfectly well. If we admit the existence off these vibrations, which are different for each name, it is not hard to imagine that they can resonate with something inside us and trigger different reactions in us, according to the name we bare. This is to say, a name can change an individual, and can effect one's personality and to a certain extent, destiny. This helps us understand what at first seems unbelievable-that names can have a direct influence on people. Pierre Le Rouzic "In every place and time, everyone has received a name. It is the first and most lasing influence we give to our children. Something this far reaching should not be mindlessly chosen according to the current trends of fashion. This book contains over 9000 names and Pierre Le Rouzie has spent 50 years researching their characteristics. It is worth your time to read the book-your children will thank you later." Rodney Charles, Bestselling author of Miracles of the Saint Published by &

Product Details
ISBN: 9781421898933
ISBN-10: 1421898934
Publisher: 1st World Publishing
Publication Date: August 6th, 2008
Pages: 692
Language: English

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