Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart, Grade 8 to 9: Includes Engaging Activities, Math, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing and Language Practice: Standards-align (Paperback)

Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart, Grade 8 to 9: Includes Engaging Activities, Math, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing and Language Practice: Standards-align By Lumos Summer Learning Headstart, Lumos Learning Cover Image
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Prevent Summer Learning Loss and Prepare for Grade 9 with the Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart Workbook

Designed to prevent summer slide and make learning fun

Unlike traditional summer books, this workbook offers exciting activities that bridge the gap between Grade 8 and Grade 9. Plus, it provides online access to hundreds of grade-appropriate, fun, and interactive learning resources.

Introducing "Luma," your child's personal AI Tutor. With just 15 minutes of daily interaction, your child will enjoy personalized guided practice in math, reading, and writing, tailored specifically for them. Tricky concepts are made easy with Luma's friendly step-by-step explanations.

Trusted by 1.2 Million+ Students, 160,000 Teachers, 56,000 Schools, & 100+ Libraries

Benefits of the Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart Workbook:

  • Structured Daily Practice: Provides an easy-to-follow Math and English Language Arts daily practice routine of just 15 minutes for 10 weeks of summer.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Features standards-aligned content covering essential subjects like reading, writing, vocabulary, and mathematics.
  • Engaging Online Program: Offers complimentary access to daily challenges, weekly reading activities, vocabulary quizzes, and a summer journal writing task.
  • Fun Competitions: Includes opportunities to participate in the Lumos weekly summer photo contest and short summer story writing competition, with chances to win exciting prizes, including a $100 Amazon gift card.

Resources in the Printed Workbook:

  • 10 Weeks of Activities: Aligns with 8th-grade-specific 40+ ELA and 25+ Math learning standards, including eight questions for each day of the week.
  • Bite-sized Daily & Weekly Practice: Quick, fun lessons that build core skills without the bore.
  • Interactive Exercises: Puzzles and brain teasers keep students engaged and motivated while providing socio-emotional support.
  • Answer Key & Detailed Explanations: Allows students to check their work and gain valuable feedback.

Resources in the Online Program:

  • Daily and Weekly Challenges: Keep students engaged and learning.
  • Grade 9 Curriculum Preview: Get a head start on the next academic year.
  • Reading, Vocabulary Activities & Journaling: Grade-appropriate enrichment.
  • Luma: Your child's personal AI Tutor for bite-sized guided practice.
  • Summer Story Competition: Showcase talent and win Amazon gift cards.

Unlock the power of the Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart Workbook-the perfect summer skill-bridging book for parents, teachers, and educators. Ideal for at-home learning, homeschooling, summer schools, tutoring, and camps. With fun activities, comprehensive lessons, and online resources, it's the simplest and most effective summer learning solution.

With the Lumos Summer Learning HeadStart tedBook(TM) by your side, your child will be better prepared and more confident to start the upcoming academic year.

Give your students the Lumos Summer advantage today

Product Details
ISBN: 9781096631200
ISBN-10: 1096631202
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2019
Pages: 230
Language: English

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