New Jersey Student Learning Assessments (NJSLA) Test Practice: Grade 4 English Language Arts Literacy (ELA) Practice Workbook and Full-length Online A (Paperback)

New Jersey Student Learning Assessments (NJSLA) Test Practice: Grade 4 English Language Arts Literacy (ELA) Practice Workbook and Full-length Online A By Lumos Learning, Lumos Njsla Test Prep Cover Image
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Why Lumos NJSLA Test Prep Workbook?

Grade 4 ELA NJSLA Assessment Test Prep Printed Workbook (updated for 2022-23), designed by expert educators to help students succeed on NJSLA.

The Lumos NJSLA ELA test prep workbook for grade four offers rigorous standards-aligned practice resources. It helps identify grade-level & foundational skill gaps in ELA standards, which allows them to become proficient in critical ELA standards to improve NJSLA scores. It also helps eliminate test anxiety & boost student confidence by providing online access to the realistic NJSLA testing environment.

NJSLA Test Prep Workbook for ELA:

This standards-based workbook provides an efficient pathway for 4th graders to be better prepared for NJSLA.

4th Grade English Language Arts Workbook for NJSLA Practice Covers:

  • Complete Fourth Grade ELA standards practice
  • Reading: Literature
  • Reading: Informational Text
  • Language
  • Detailed answer keys & explanations
  • Gain mastery on critical ELA standards
  • Easy to read real-time performance reports
  • Strategies to improve test speed & accuracy

Online Learning Resources Unlocked Through Access Code:

Unlike a traditional printed book, these workbooks provide online access to hundreds of standards-aligned fun & engaging learning resources.

  • Access to 2 full-length practice tests that mimic the NJSLA blueprint
  • Allows personalized automated remediation powered by AI
  • Lumos Assistant offers an individualized learning path for students
  • Access to Lumos mind-maps & flashcubes
  • Access to all NJSLA question types
Conveniently access online resources, anywhere, anytime.

For Students:

  • Two online Practice tests that mimic the grade 4 NJSLA ELA test
  • Practice NJSLA Tech-enhanced Items
  • Additional ELA practice with released NJSLA exemplars
  • Realistic NJSLA testing environment
For Parents:
  • Performance reports to monitor learning progression
  • Reduced parent intervention
  • Analyze child's strengths and weaknesses with standards-based reports
Benefits for Teachers:
  • Access to teaching resources to boost grade 4 ELA scores
  • Deliver personalized instruction & provide targeted support with an AI-powered deep remediation tool
  • Additional test practice with released Grade 4 ELA items by NJSLA

Smart Test Prep Methodology(TM) for Success on New Jersey Student Learning Assessments (NJSLA) Test Assessments

With over a decade of experience developing practice resources for standardized tests, Lumos Learning Smart Test Prep Methodology(TM) offers students realistic NJSLA practice & the tools to overcome proficiency gaps.

Lumos Learning Study Programs are trusted by 510,000+ Students, 74,500+ Teachers, 35,000+ Schools, & 100+ Libraries to improve student achievement on standardized tests.

The Lumos New Jersey Student Learning Assessment Practice workbook is ideal for At-Home Learning, Classroom Learning, Home Tutoring & Home Schooling. With this workbook at your side, your child will be better prepared & confident for the 2022-23 NJSLA test prep.

Give your student the Lumos tedBook advantage today

Product Details
ISBN: 9781088003510
ISBN-10: 1088003516
Publisher: Lumos Information Services, LLC
Publication Date: October 21st, 2021
Pages: 392
Language: English

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