Teaching Reading Across the Day, Grades K-8: Methods and Structures for Engaging, Explicit Instruction (Paperback)

Teaching Reading Across the Day, Grades K-8: Methods and Structures for Engaging, Explicit Instruction By Jennifer Serravallo Cover Image
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"Reading well across disciplines and within varied contexts will help students to be versatile, flexible, deep readers who can better learn from their reading, transfer skills across subjects, and use strategies to meet the unique demands of reading in each content area."
- Jennifer Serravallo

Research-based, easy-to-use lesson structures for explicit and engaging teaching

In Teaching Reading Across the Day, literacy expert Jennifer Serravallo provides nine effective, predictable, research-based lesson structures that help busy teachers save planning time and focus their teaching--and student attention--on content rather than procedures. Each of the nine lesson structures (read aloud, phonics and spelling, vocabulary, focus, shared reading, close reading, guided inquiry, reader's theater, and conversation) has its own chapter and features a wealth of resources that let you see the lessons in action in ELA, Science, and Social Studies classes, including:

  • An annotated teaching vignette, lesson explanation, and research notes
  • Tips for planning, structure and timing suggestions, and ideas for responsive teaching
  • Detailed planning templates and 22 accompanying online videos covering over 3 hours of classroom footage
  • Jen's reflections, key look-fors, and ideas for next steps

The nine lesson structures can be used with any curriculum or core program, text, and subject, making it easier for teachers to maximize explicit and engaging teaching time across the day, and simplify planning and preparation.

Jen incorporates a wide range of compelling research about how best to teach reading to every student in your class and translates the research (or the science of teaching reading) into high-leverage moves you can count on to deliver powerful lessons again and again. She also honors the art of teaching reading, helping teachers tap into their experience and hone their expertise to make quick, effective classroom decisions that take student learning to the next level.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781071924600
ISBN-10: 1071924605
Publisher: Corwin Publishers
Publication Date: May 13th, 2024
Pages: 344
Language: English

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