Painting for Peace - A Coloring Book For All Ages (Paperback)

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  Perfect for all ages, Painting for Peace: A Coloring Book is designed for adults and children to color together and lets them join the hundreds of artists who transformed the community of Ferguson, MO, by creating dazzling and inspiring works of art with messages of peace, love and community. Now parents and grandparents can color with their little ones to create their own images based on the murals that covered the boarded-up windows of the town and brought real hope to the community after months of tension. More than a dozen of the original art pieces as well as some new designs are featured with both simple and elaborate elements making it appropriate for all ages. A wonderful companion piece to the award-winning children’s picture book Painting for Peace in Ferguson that has been acclaimed by reviewers, teachers, parents, and kids alike.

   As with the Painting for Peace in Ferguson picture book, all profits from book sales will be reinvested in the Ferguson community.

About the Author

A journalist and marketing professional by training, Carol Swartout Klein grew up in Ferguson, MO, and was so inspired by witnessing the spirit of hundreds of volunteers coming together to bring hope to a community in shock that she wanted to capture the story and the art for posterity. Painting for Peace in Ferguson isa book that helps begin conversations with children and that inspires adults. In producing the book, Klein hopes that the connections formed between artists, business owners, and community members will be honored and strengthened.

Robert O’Neil is a painter, designer, and illustrator with forty-five years of experience. He was the primary designer for Painting for Peace in Ferguson.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780996390118
ISBN-10: 0996390111
Publisher: Treehouse Publishing Group
Publication Date: June 21st, 2016
Pages: 52
Language: English

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