On Top of Your Game: Mental Skills to Maximize Your Athletic Performance (Paperback)

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How far could you go in your sport if there wasn't anything holding you back?

What if there is a world-class athlete inside of you just waiting to come out?

Physical skill alone is not enough to deal with the demands of your sport. Knowing how to perform under pressure, tame the butterflies, and overcome setbacks are all essential if you want to be at the top of your game. Drawing on her work as a mental skills expert, Carrie Cheadle gives you the essential mental skills used by top athletes to perform consistently, remain confident under pressure, and successfully accomplish your athletic goals. On Top of Your Game offers specific mental training exercises that you can instantly use to improve your sport performance.

This book will help you learn how to:

  • Remain positive under pressure
  • Be mentally tough in the face of any challenge
  • Achieve more consistent results
  • Feel calm, confident, and ready to compete
  • Rekindle the excitement and love for your sport
You've trained your body and now it's time to train your mind. This book will teach you the step-by-step tools needed to be mentally tough and successfully face the challenges of training and competition. Get ready to perform to your potential.

"In my 30+ years in cycling I have had many opportunities to see extremely physically talented athletes fail to live up to their potential because they were never able to balance their physical talent with the mental side of sport. During that same time I have seen good athletes have championship winning performances due in part to their mental strength. Now more than ever, with so much information available to everyone instantaneously, many athletes tend to look everywhere except to themselves for improvement.

Carrie Cheadle's "On Top Of Your Game" is a fantastic resource for every level of athlete from weekend warrior to World Champion who is looking to strengthen their mental game and thus improve performance by looking within. With an easy to read format, "Take-Aways" & "Tools" at the end of each chapter and the "...there is no right or wrong way" approach, Cheadle definitely has a winning book on her hands. Drawing on personal experience as well as the experiences of the many athletes she has worked with, a nice balance of real life and textbook examples is achieved to make easy understanding for everyone."

-Kurt Stockton
1990 US Professional Road Cycling Champion
Team Manager & Director NOW and Novartis for MS Women's Professional Cycling Team

"I started this book while going through an injury and when the first few pages opened up with a personal story by Carrie of overcoming an injury herself, I knew I was going to benefit from reading the rest The way she uses her own journey as an athlete, and combines that with her extensive studies in sport psychology, makes this book a 'must have' for any level of athlete. We just don't give enough credit to the power of the mind. Don't be lazy Read this wonderfully written piece of work and start the process now."

-Lesley Paterson
3 x Off-Road World Triathlon Champion.

About the Author

Carrie Cheadle is a Mental Skills Coach and a Certified Consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (CC-AASP). She lives in Petaluma, California and has been working on peak performance with teams, organizations, and individual athletes since 2002. Carrie received her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology at Sonoma State University and her Master of Arts degree in sport psychology at John. F. Kennedy University. Carrie works with athletes at every level, from recreational athletes to elite and professional athletes competing at national and international levels. She works with athletes and teams in many different sports and specializes in working with cyclists and endurance athletes. She also specializes in working with athletes and exercisers with Type 1 diabetes and is the Director of the Mental Skills Training Program for Diabetes Training Camp. Carrie has been interviewed as an expert resource for articles that have appeared in VeloNews, Outside Magazine, Bicycling Magazine, Sporting Kid, Snowboard Canada, Men's Fitness, and Women's Health. Carrie's personal athletic journey, from sitting on the start line of a car race, to standing at the top of a double-black diamond run, to returning to sports after multiple injuries have all led her to recognize the tremendous impact psychology has on physical performance. Carrie has her own personal commitment to life-long fitness and when she isn't working with athletes, you might find her running on a trail or hitting the slopes on her snowboard. For more information about Carrie and Mental Skills Training, please visit: Website: www.carriecheadle.com FaceBook: MentalSkillsTrainingforAthletes Twitter: @feedtheathlete

Product Details
ISBN: 9780989691604
ISBN-10: 0989691608
Publisher: Feed the Athlete Press
Publication Date: October 25th, 2013
Pages: 250
Language: English

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