How to Make a Speech (Paperback)

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Will you be making a business or academic presentation? Giving a speech at a family occasion? Maybe you're considering sharing your passion or expertise at an event such as TEDx or Pecha Kucha. Whatever the occasion, you want your speech to be engaging and memorable.

In this easy-to-use book, renowned speech coach Barrie Barton shows you how to:

- discover your message

- organize your content

- craft a compelling opening and an inspiring closing

- use slides

- rehearse and memorize

- connect with your audience

Barrie Barton's insightful advice will guide you in making your speech clear and powerful, and in delivering it with calm, confident control, on stage, in the boardroom, or online-however nervous you may feel right now

"Barrie helped me turn my speech from boring to brilliant She taught me how to shine brightly when presenting my research. I am truly grateful for all that I learned from her."

Aimee Williams, business owner

"My conference speech was a massive hit. Over 1,300 people heard it, and probably 200 people came up to me and told me how much they enjoyed it. I couldn't have done it without Barrie "

Brent Darnell, Emotional Intelligence coach

"Barrie's expertise in streamlining content, organizing my ideas and aligning the slides was remarkably efficient and on point. Her coaching gave me the benefit of feeling confident in my content and relaxed in my delivery."

Richard Fort, architect

Product Details
ISBN: 9780985752880
ISBN-10: 0985752882
Publisher: Twice 5 Miles
Publication Date: February 20th, 2022
Pages: 178
Language: English

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