Emmy's Question (Paperback)

Emmy's Question By Jeannine E. Auth Cover Image
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Emmy wants desperately to be a normal kid with a happy family like her friends. But no matter how hard she tries to keep her mom's drinking problem a secret, things are getting worse. Her mother humiliates her by showing up at school and her dance recital after drinking too much wine. Even though she's teased at school and snubbed by classmates after that, Emmy's too ashamed to admit to anyone how much she is hurting. When her mom leaves the family, Emmy's pain forces her to reach out for help, breaking her "Don't Tell Rule." "How could Mom choose wine over me?" she cries. Her compelling journey to find the answer is one that will empower any youngster struggling under the shadow of a parent's addiction. Emmy comes to know she cannot cure her mother's disease, but still finds the best about herself. Emmy's voice is one not easily forgotten. Appropriate for small group reading and discussion. A complete resource guide is included. Previous edition: 9780979039522

Product Details
ISBN: 9780979039539
ISBN-10: 0979039533
Publisher: Morningtide Press
Publication Date: April 3rd, 2009
Pages: 151
Language: English

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