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Luna Lunera: Poems al-Andalus by Loss Pequeño Glazier maps a watershed of poetry, digital poetics,
dance, and exuberant e-poetry festival esprit in print. Here are poems that engage sound, text, movement,
code, visuality, sound origins as sense, and Andalusian echoes, culminating in cascades of textual tonality.
This is a work that was first written as strings of text, the way one might jot down phrases as they bubble
into consciousness. The progression was one of exploration: paper, digital, solo performance with kinetic
text, code, dance, and print. The journey passed through varied immersions into textualities culminating
in this book, human-sounded, tonal, textured, and layered, where the poems coalesce into print form.
These texts are more than human: they reach to the inner recesses of what it means to act creatively, to
language as a subcutaneous layer of the physical body, of language-making's contact with the chthonic
depths of emotional stirrings so integral to the human but, by nature, simply beyond reach.
Additionally, Luna Lunera exhibits the context, collaborative efforts, and collective musings of years in
and out of digital poetry, dance, e-poetry festivals, international gatherings, and multicultural influences,
seeding this weave of moonish Moorish garden of poetic fabric, with publics worldwide.
This work was started in books, not just this one but Luna had its gestation in Paleolithic cave paintings,
architectural motifs of Edinburgh, linguistics, and works by Federico García Lorca, Robin Blaser, and
Frank O'Hara. It developed in digital media, in movement (dancers interpreting digital poems; digital
poems informed by dance interpretations), in its immersion in sound, and in its refinement in the inspired,
intimate, suggestions of neo-Mudejar aesthetics, and its ever-increasing intricacies of hand-labored code.
This volume is a testament to years of SUNY Buffalo Digital Poetry & Dance performances with UB Dance
and UB Media Study, exhilarating E-Poetry festivals, the Electronic Poetry Center, digital events in the
Department of Media Study and, beyond Buffalo, engagements with historic, multicultural Andalusia
and its vibrant language variance, borrowings, mixtures, tones. The dance interpretations responded to
poetic content, reflecting textual visuality, kinetic rhythms, programming. Indeed, the choreography
basks in the arcs and waves of variable screen elements, responding with movement as inherently coded.

About the Author

POET LOSS PEQUEÑO GLAZIER is the creator of books of print poetry, digital poems, theoretical texts, and performance works. Glazier stands among literary figures at the "forefront of the digital poetics movement" [1]. A "distinguished writer of electronic poetry as well as a critic", according to N. Katherine Hayles [2], he is author of Luna Lunera (Night Horn Books, 2020), Anatman, Pumpkin Seed, Algorithm (Salt, 2003), Digital Poetics: the Making of EPoetries (Alabama, 2002) [3], the first book-length study of digital poetry [4], and Small Press (Greenwood, 1992) [5], as well as the major digital works, white faced bromeliads on 20 hectares (1999, 2012) [6][7], Io Sono at Swoons (2002, 2020) [8], and Territorio Libre (2003- 2010) [9]. These three works are featured in his digital poetry performance film, Middle Orange | Media Naranja (Buffalo, 2010). His projects also include numerous poems, essays, film, visual art, sound, digital works, and projects for dance, music, installations, and performance. Glazier's poetic vision was the subject of an interview by David Jhave Johnston in 2012. His recent project, Luna Lunera: Poems al-Andalus (Night Horn Books, 2020) is a ten-year project culminating in a collection of print poetry drawn from scores of digital, code, and performance iterations. Luna Lunera is co-presented on the Web as digital poems, solo readings and as dance performances (in video). Projects for dance, music, installations, and performance have appeared at the Collectif Aixois d'Art Contemporain, Neuberger Museum SUNY Purchase, Royal Festival Hall London, Instituto del Libro Havana, Guggenheim Museum New York, UCLA Hammer Museum, Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz Berlin, California Institute of the Arts, University of London, Le Divan du Monde Paris, Bowery Poetry Club New York, Brown University Providence, and Palazzo delle Arti Naples, among others. Glazier is Professor Emeritus of Media Study, SUNY Buffalo, New York, Director, Electronic Poetry Center (EPC), Director, E-Poetry Festivals, and has served as Artistic Director, Digital Poetry & Dance (UB). He now works and writes in the mountains of North Carolina.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780941842051
Publisher: Night Horn Books
Publication Date: January 1st, 2020
Pages: 92

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