Out of Nantucket: Two Accounts of Whalers and Whaling (Hardcover)

Out of Nantucket: Two Accounts of Whalers and Whaling Cover Image
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A Narrative of the Mutiny on Board the Ship Globe
by William Lay and Cyrus M. Hussey

by William Rotch

Accounts of the great whaling fleet

These two accounts of the ships, sailors and merchants who came from Nantucket have been brought together by Leonaur, since as smaller pieces they may not have seen publication individually in modern times. This good value edition acknowledges the continuing interest in the whaling industry of the American North East. The island itself is located due south of Cape Code and was at the beginning of the nineteenth century the capital of whaling boasting a whaling fleet of over 70 vessels. These two accounts hail from that golden age and there will be much within them to interest students of whaling and the period. Available in soft cover and hard cover for collectors.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780857060808
ISBN-10: 0857060805
Publisher: Leonaur Ltd
Publication Date: April 11th, 2010
Pages: 144
Language: English

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