Aging Strong: The Extraordinary Gift of a Longer Life (Paperback)

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We are living up to thirty years longer than people a few generations ago did. We live in a new period of history where we can live longer and with more vitality than people ever have. What does this extraordinary gift of a longer life mean for us? In Aging Strong Dr. Harris shows us this gift holds:

  • a spiritual challenge to develop our life story and purpose;
  • the opportunity to explore our creativity and discover new callings;
  • a fertile ground for our souls to thrive and renew our sense of wonder;
  • and, deeper emotional connections, wisdom, and newfound joy in living.

This book is written for you if you want to thrive and find spiritual strength, wellbeing, wisdom, and wonder as you grow older. It is a guide for embracing a new reality and living the fourth quarter of your life creatively, lovingly, and joyfully.

The most exciting part of this gift is that the more we pursue a larger life by deepening and transforming ourselves as we grow older, the bigger our gift to our families, friends, community, and culture becomes. Let us recognize this challenge as one of the greatest opportunities in human history. Let us shape our lives from the inside out and be fully alive with grace and passion so that we may give this gift to ourselves, our families, our communities, our world.

About the Author

Bud Harris, PhD, Jungian analyst, writer, and lecturer, guides people to grow through their challenges into becoming "the best versions of themselves." Bud originally became a businessman in the corporate world. Though very successful, he began to seek a new version of himself when, at age thirty-five, he became dissatisfied with his accomplishments in business and challenged by illness in his family. Bud returned to graduate school to become a psychotherapist. After earning his PhD and practicing as a psychotherapist and psychologist, he was called to further his growth and become a Jungian analyst. He moved to Zurich, Switzerland, where he graduated from the C. G. Jung Institute. Bud is the author of thirteen informing, inspiring books. He writes and teaches with his wife, Jungian analyst, Massimilla Harris, PhD, and lectures widely. They both practice as Jungian analysts in Asheville, North Carolina. Learn more at

Praise For…

We are living longer than ever before. But this is uncharted territory with many questions and unknowns. How do you live a vibrant, active life during these years? How do you deal with fears of aging and death? How can you find a defining purpose in these years? Is it possible to be called into a new way of living?

At age 72, I struggle with all these questions and more. While searching for answers, I received a copy of Aging Strong. I had just started reading when I thought, "Bud Harris wrote this book for me." Dr. Harris seemed to be speaking directly to me. He describes the 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond as "The Fourth Quarter" the time when life can be full of potential, new beginnings, vitality and authenticity. In his book he describes these years as a journey out of the old way of living into a new way of living. Bud is the perfect guide for this journey. He shares personal stories of struggle and uncertainty, and, also expresses vitality and passion for aging strong at almost 80 years of age. Bud includes many inspiring, encouraging stories from his long professional life as a Jungian analyst and psychotherapist. The story of a woman in her early 70s, studying at the Jung Institute in Zurich, is exciting and reassuring. The 70s can indeed be a time of growth and adventure. This book inspires me to begin the journey into a new way of living. I highly recommend Aging Strong.
- Gail Rogers

Product Details
ISBN: 9780692726747
ISBN-10: 0692726748
Publisher: Daphne Publications
Publication Date: November 1st, 2016
Pages: 158
Language: English

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