Tea de Leon: Book 2 of the Not Here To Stay Series (Paperback)

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In the south of Spain, 1950, the Leon family cares for the estate of the wealthy and bitter old Mrs. Milagros. This arrangement allows them to live rent free in a small farm house on the property. Tea, the youngest of the Leon family, and a tomboy at heart, is constantly finding ways to cause trouble around the estate. Out of desperation, Mrs. Leon confides in her mistress about Tea's poor behavior. Mrs. Milagros' solution is to send Tea away to boarding school to tame the heart of the country girl. Tea fights this decision, but in the end is persuaded by Mrs. Milagros that it is best for her and her family if she goes to the school run by nuns. Little does Tea know that a thirty year old well-kept secret is about to be revealed. A secret that will change Tea's life forever.

About the Author

Carolina P McMullen was born in Rota, Spain but now calls Charleston South Carolina Home. She is a bilingual writer married for over 25 years. She enjoys traveling and has three Chihuahuas as well as two grown children. The fictional books in the "Not Here to Stay" series were inspired by the many stories her grandmother told her as a young girl. Her grandmother's love for reading and storytelling were responsible for the growth of Carolina's curiosity leading her to the fascinating world of words.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780692407134
ISBN-10: 0692407138
Publisher: Three Bird Press
Publication Date: May 7th, 2015
Pages: 354
Language: English

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