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Staff Picks 

Explore the links on this page to see what we booksellers have been enjoying lately, as well as some of our old favorites. Please note: some of our older selections may show hardcover editions for titles which are now available in paperback. 

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Chris Wilcox




Margot Wilcox



Emily Wilson


Eon Alden


Shopcats: Cedric and Rowena


Cedric & Rowena



Michael Redman


Jen's Favorites 

Jen Harr




Vanessa Grant


 Robin Whitley 


Booksellers Emeritus



Joyce Moore

Joyce Moore


Jessica Philyaw

Jessica Philyaw



Allen Moore  

Allen Moore



Peggy Spilker 


Margaret Spilker 


Jenifer Ross 


 Great Shop Cats of Yore



Miss Kitty's picks

Miss Kitty

Phoebe, Chris, Allen and Joyce love the novels of Patrick O'Brian

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