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City Lights’ Used Book Notes

What’s the price?

First, look for a City Lights bar code label. If it has one of our labels, that’s our price on the right-hand end of the bar code. If it doesn’t have our label, here’s how pricing works for the remainder of our unlisted used books:

  • Pocket paperbacks (a.k.a. mass-market pb) sell for half the original cover price, typically $3-$5.

  • Hardcovers and the larger, trade paperbacks (a.k.a. quality pb) should have the price penciled on the upper-right corner of the first page.

  • With some of our rare and valuable books we’ve used a bookmark to indicate the price so we don’t diminish the collectibility though use of stickers.

  • The little colored dots on the spines of some of our books are the remnants of a simple stock rotation system which is being phased-out as we now catalog and barcode incoming used books. Ask about additional savings available when purchasing some of our slower-moving books.

  • While we try to mark-out or remove all previous sellers’ prices (except for the publisher’s cover price, the removal of which decreases the value for collectors), our prices are as outlined and we are not bound to any prior selling prices which may remain visible. In some instances, collectible books may be priced higher than the publisher’s cover price.

    Used Book Room at City Lights in Sylva, NC
ISBN: 9780760348611
Availability: Coming Soon: available for pre-order now
Published: Voyageur Press (MN) - December 2015

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