The Gathering Place: Traditional Cherokee Dishes, Wild Game Recipes & Preparation Tips, and Southern Appalachian Cooking

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 Johnnie Sue Myers  

by Johnnie Sue Myers


Here's a sampling of the great, old-fashioned dishes included
in The Gathering Place cookbook.


Wild Game

Bear Liver and Steaks

Broiled Trout

Catfish Stew

Coon and Bear

Ground Hog

Indian Tacos

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

Venison Burgers

Venison Country Style Steak

Venison Ground Steak

Venison Meat Loaf

Venison Salisbury Steak

Venison Stew

Venison Tips

Wild Rabbit


Breads and Desserts

Applesauce Stack Cake

Banana Black Walnut Loaf

Buttermilk Biscuits

Persimmon Pudding

Strawberry Shortcake

Wild Blackberry Cobbler



Corn and Beans

Cornbread and Gravy

Emily's Corn

Gritted Corn



Birds and Fowl

Chicken and Dumplings



Country Ham

Pork Spare Ribs


Vegetables and Side Dishes

Broccoli and Cheese

Fried Cabbage

Fried Okra

Jordan's Squash

Poke Salad

Potato and Pork Soup

Potato Salad

Ramps and Eggs


Squash Fritters

Tater Cake

Gathering Place
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